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Reel Wings is the leader when it comes to UV reflective decoy paint. Bird Vision decoy paint gives waterfowlers a edge. We also have a Flying decoy that is hands-free flying decoy that looks and acts like landing Waterfowl. It is made from virtually indestructible proprietary materials and will NOT break when it hits the ground. It is made for waterfowl hunters! Reel Wings Flying Decoys are truly "The Deadliest Flying Decoys on the planet!" The Best Waterfowl Motion Decoy on the Market!

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Bird Vision Hen Mallard Deluxe Decoy UV Paint Kit
Bird Vision Hen Mall
Deluxe Hen Mallard UV Decoy Pait Kit will do 10 Dozen Decoys 1 quart of UV Bird ...
Bird Vision Scoter Sea Duck UV Decoy Paint Kit
Bird Vision Scoter S
This Scoter Sea Duck UV Decoy Paint kit contains, 1 pint of Bird Vision UV Black...
Snow Goose (3 Pack) Reel Wing Kit
Snow Goose (3 Pack)
**This is a great deal and you can only get it here.  Not sold in...
NEW Reel Wings Motion Pole
NEW Reel Wings Motio
The New Reel Wings motion pole is six foot tall and breaks down into two pieces ...